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A web site's chances of being found through an organic search using a search engine (ie Google, Bing,Yahoo!) is dramatically increased by ranking higher in the search results. These results are not randomly generated, and the criteria responsible for the results is not easily predictable. When considering the factors that drive traffic from search engines to a web site, volume alone is an insufficient indicator of successful marketing. Instead, it's the quality of a web sites traffic that enhances a site's ability to convert potentially passive visitors into clients. Simply put, a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign should result in an increase is site visitors that are actually looking for what you offer.

Wizardworks is an industry leader with a proven track record of developing successful search engine based marketing strategies. We can use optimization techniques to make your web site more visible and help drive prospective clients to your site. Our SEO team constantly conducts research to better understand the methods search engines use to produce their results. It's also possible to use Search Engine Optimization to target visitors that are not directly searching for your offering. A certain percentage of search engine users could be potentially interested in your offering before they even consciously decide to start looking. Our talented online market researchers are well versed in techniques used to determine these unexploited target areas. This can potentially produce a higher volume of quality traffic, resulting in an increased conversion rate (percentage of visitors who land on your site and either 'click', 'buy', 'download' or otherwise complete a desired action) and new business for your company.

Wizardworks creates custom search marketing campaigns for each client and/or application. We offer a variety of white-hat, best practice solutions to help drive the right traffic to your site. These solutions can often include a range of implementations such as underlying technology fixes, content creation, SEO copyrighting services, link building, and paid initiatives. In a nutshell, our aim is to create SEO strategies that not only result in increased traffic, but also attract the right visitors and increase conversions.

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